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Ohio Questions
Q: Hannah matheny
by dndy
Q: murderer Theresa Bickerstaff killing family (Medina OH)
by wndy
Q: who murdered leroy urban francis (Shelby OH)
by logo
Q: Were murders caught for killing of brad dinolfo in fiver Ohio (Tuscarawas OH)
by kkkkk
Q: murders in Johnstown ohio (Licking OH)
by mar
Q: Who murdered cammy derking (Butler OH)
by dream
Q: What happened to the two brothers, killed a man on stoddart ave. (Franklin OH)
by d.j
Q: where are newspaper articles located about Desiree Stewart (Cuyahoga OH)
by Staci
Q: what prison is Robert Erisman in? (Montgomery OH)
by Redbee
Q: Details of murder committed by Buddy Lovell 1986-1987 (Jefferson OH)
by AJM
Q: Murdur trial for john e. johnson 1975 What happenef (Washington OH)
by lens
Q: How long is jimmy sharps sentence (Belmont OH)
by keith
Q: 1987 or 1988 murder trials in ohio Ronald Christopher
by mike
Q: Who murdered david preston williams Sr. 1946 (Pike OH)
by ch
Q: clapper murder trial (Carroll OH)
by melissa
Q: Is there a video of the lady in pink at wooster ohio courthouse? (Wyandot OH)
by kas
Q: when is the robert jones jr trial (Montgomery OH)
by squeak
Q: why did rollie craig Patterson go to prison (Licking OH)
by tom
Q: What happened to Joe Cutter? (Preble OH)
by anonymous
Q: Murder of 3 family members by daughter in late 1800's (Richland OH)
by Terry Kovel
Q: Who killed the Lucas girl from gallia co in the early 90s (Gallia OH)
by jay
Q: witness in murder (Paulding OH)
by richhart
Q: Sasslers steak house murder (Ashtabula OH)
by Brain
Q: Who murdered Burleigh Grimes (Champaign OH)
by Onecent
Q: Was killer ever found for Mcphie murder on Columbia drive in Amherst? (Lorain OH)
by Erock
Q: Johnson murder trial Logan Ohio (Logan OH)
by Pat
Q: what happened to will edward dixon trial (Montgomery OH)
by tom
Q: Mitchell Gray, Jr. (Montgomery OH)
by Jc
Q: Update caroseillo murder (Columbiana OH)
by Grumpy
Q: ali salim trial (Delaware OH)
by fred

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Latest Clinton County Trials News
Why you should care about other people’s kids
Photo by Imgorthand/Vetta via Getty Images. Editor’s Note: In the 1950s, Robert Putnam’s father was a small businessman in Port Clinton, Ohio, where Putnam grew up. The Harvard professor, of “Bowling Alone” fame, estimates that 40 percent of his classmates’ parents did not finish high school. So already, his father was a step above. But his peers weren’t doomed to their parents’ fate. Apart from ...
March 29 2015
ERAU season ends in Final Four
Clinton, Ohio
Mar 23, 2015 9:49 am A 36-year-old Deltona woman was killed Monday after she suffered a medical episode and crashed her car into a ditch on State Road 415, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
March 25 2015
Woman abducted from Port Clinton convenience store, suspect caught after chase
PORT CLINTON, Ohio- A woman was abducted in Ottawa County after offering to drive a man to the hospital early Monday morning. Eric I. Thomas, 24, walked into a Hy-Miler convenience store on East Perry Street and asked for someone to take him to Magruder Hospital, Port Clinton police said. A woman agreed to give […]
March 14 2015
Pothole Patrol: Crews repairing West Boulevard
Clinton, ohio
Update: Inside the budget hearings, council members said they have gotten a ton of complaints about potholes and damages. They questioned the city's administration about the systematic plan in place to take care of potholes, the quality of the equipment and material, and what's going to make the roads better for citizens.
February 27 2015
UPDATE: Woman Accused of Murder, Child Abuse in Newborn Death Case
Clinton, Ohio
The woman arrested in connection to the death of a newborn has been charged with several crimes. 
January 28 2015
Have you seen Wilmington PD’s missing K9?
Police in Wilmington hope the public can help find their missing K9, a dog named Karson. The department posted pictures of Karson on their Facebook page asking for help in locating him. The dog was last seen around 3 p.m. Tuesday running northeast from his boarding kennel at the Clinton Animal Care Center, 960 W. Locust St. Police ask if you see Karson to call the dispatch center at (937) 382 ...
January 01 2015
Our real white male problem: Why Fox News defeats Bruce Springsteen and liberal moralizing every ti
Clinton, Ohio
White anger's latest murderous turn, fueled by right-wing media, must be addressed head-on, and not by moralizing
December 05 2014
Logan County man charged with attempted murder after firing shots at troopers
Court documents state that Roy Clinton Richards, 43, of Eagles Roost, was suicidal Tuesday morning. 
October 27 2014
Hillary Clinton backers plan Ohio events
Cleveland, Ohio
TIFFIN, Ohio (AP) - The last of three people charged with helping start a house fire that killed two deaf people in Ohio is still set to go on trial. A judge this past week set an October trial date for Charles Schaeffer of Fostoria. Among the charges against him is complicity to aggravated murder.
September 28 2014
Police Still Looking For Answers In 32-Year-Old Clintonville Murder Case
Columbus, Ohio
The Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week looks at an unsolved homicide that happened in 1982.
September 21 2014
Appeals judges give few clues on how they'll rule on gay marriage case
Clinton, Ohio
After three hours of oral arguments in cases involving Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky, the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals gave no clear indication today as to how it would vote on same-sex marriage.
September 04 2014
As Profits Roll In, Aetna To Expand On Obamacare Exchange In 2015
Clinton, ohio
Aetna said this morning it will expand its private health insurance products on government exchanges under the Affordable Care Act next year to the additional market of Georgia based on the company’s first-year successes.
August 06 2014
Federal court hearing arguments in gay marriage fights from 4 states in single session
Clinton, ohio
CINCINNATI — A federal appeals court is set to hear arguments in six gay marriage fights from four states — Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee — in the biggest such session on the issue so far.
August 06 2014
U.S. Court of Appeals to Hear Arguments Against TN's Same Sex Marriage Ban
Clinton, ohio
A federal appeals court was set to hear arguments Wednesday in six gay marriage fights from four states â Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee â in the biggest such session on the issue so far. Three judges of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati will consider arguments that pit states' rights and traditional, conservative values against what plaintiffs' attorneys say is a ...
August 06 2014
Court hearing gay marriage arguments from 4 states
Clinton, ohio
A federal appeals court was set to hear arguments Wednesday in six gay marriage fights from four states — Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee — in the biggest such session on the issue so far. Three judges of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati will...
August 06 2014
Appeals court scheduled to hear arguments in six gay marriage cases
Clinton, ohio
CINCINNATI – A federal appeals court is set to hear arguments in six gay marriage fights from four states -- Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee -- in the biggest such session on the issue so far.
August 06 2014
Federal appellate judges weigh gay marriage cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee
Clinton, ohio
CINCINNATI — Three federal judges weighing arguments in a landmark gay marriage hearing Wednesday peppered attorneys on both sides with tough questions, with one judge expressing deep skepticism about whether courts are the ideal setting for major social change and another saying the democratic process can be too slow.
August 06 2014
Judges weigh 4 states' gay marriage cases
Clinton, ohio
CINCINNATI (AP) — A federal appeals court judge hearing arguments in six gay marriage fights in a landmark hearing Wednesday expressed deep skepticism about whether the courts are the ideal setting for such major change, saying that the best way to win the hearts and minds of Americans on the issue would be the democratic process.
August 06 2014
Gay marriage cases heard in Cincinnati draw crowds on both sides
Clinton, ohio
A ban on same-sex marriage passed by Ohio voters a decade ago is on the line in arguments before federal appeals court judges in Cincinnati.
August 06 2014
Gays batter Ohio same-sex marriage ban in court
Clinton, ohio
CINCINNATI -- Ohio’s law banning same-sex marriage took a beating in federal appeals court today from challengers and, to a lesser extent, from the judges hearing the case. The most outspoken was Judge Martha Craig “Cissy” Daughtrey who pointed out, in response to the suggestion the law should changed at the ballot box and not in the courts, that the fight for women’s suffrage took 78 years ...
August 06 2014
Cleveland Could Be Good for GOP, if ...
Cleveland, Ohio
You needn't be clairvoyant to deduce what the Democratic Party wants to run on in 2016. It really doesn't matter whether their nominee is Hillary Clinton or someone else. Democrats won't be campaigning on the thriving economy under President Barack Obama, global stability under American leadership, the successful routing of al-Qaida or Obamacare. No, the Democratic Party is the ladies' party now ...
July 18 2014
Boardman man killed in motorcycle crash
A crash involving two motorcycles and a pickup truck has killed an Ohio man and seriously injured two others, including his wife. The Ohio State Patrol says a pickup turned in front of two motorcycles Saturday night on State Route 53 in Port Clinton in northern Ohio.
June 26 2014
1 in hospital, 4 others injured in Wauseon house explosion
WAUSEON — A house explosion Monday in Wauseon left one person hospitalized with serious burns and four others with minor injuries. Wauseon Police Chief Keith Torbet said the blast at 137 Clinton St. occurred in a propane tank in the basement, where the homeowner was at the time.
June 25 2014
RNC officials impressed with Cleveland; man shoots, kills roommate; girl shot in drive-by shooting:
Clinton, Ohio
Also, Wickliffe police seek suspects in two gas station robberies; convicted Amherst killer Melissa Dovala to get a new trial; accused killer Donzelle Crosby declared too mentally incompetent to be executed; Lyndhurst Councilman Keith Packard leaving council June 20; tax levy likely for Lorain Schools on November ballot; and Medina school board approves teacher contract.
June 21 2014
Veteran Health and Information Fair set
PORT CLINTON — There will be a Veteran Health and Information Fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Camp Perry Conference Center, 1000 Lawrence Road, building 600. The event is free and open to the public.
June 11 2014
1 killed, 1 hurt in head-on Clark Township wreck
A 58-year-old man from Hillsboro is dead after a head-on collision on State Route 124 in Clinton County.
May 24 2014
1 dead, 1 hurt in Clinton Co. crash
A man was killed and a woman seriously hurt in a two-car crash in Clinton County on Friday morning.
May 24 2014
Clinton-Massie student dies in auto accident
Wilmington, ohio
A Clinton-Massie High School student was killed Wednesday morning in a one-vehicle crash in Clinton County's Adams Township.
May 18 2014
Democrats' Benghazi dilemma: Join 'blatantly political' congressional probe?
Republicans flogged then-president Bill Clinton with impeachment over his extra-marital affair with Monica Lewinsky, which certainly didn’t do Al Gore any good a year later when Gore lost – in the US Supreme Court, not in the popular vote – a very close and very divisive election to George W. Bush. But as Gallup has reported, “Clinton weathered the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998 with fairly ...
May 10 2014
Different president, same problems: Vladimir Putin, health care reform
Newly released documents from former President Bill Clinton's White House show his administration grappling with some familiar concerns
May 09 2014
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